General Purposes Nodes


This is the proof of concept demonstration and documentation site.

Official release to be announced.

What will you be able to achieve using your new General Purposes™ Nodes™ Web Programming Kit?

  • Start learning how to program the internet today with our easy tutorials!
  • Installs and works with your wordpress dashboard.
  •  No previous HTML or programming experience required to begin.
  •  Build custom, dynamic and functional landing/web pages with unique internet addresses under your own hosted web domain.
  • Create landing pages, sales funnels and web applications with seamless integration to an existing website and it’s template.
  • Manage and edit files.
  • Understand the elements of TerraDctl Scripting language.
  • Apply flow control techniques.
  • Integrate PHP data types and commands.
  • Organize code into reusable functions.
  • Get things done using TerraDctl’s long list of built-in file system and array functions as well as PHP,  javascript and HTML.
  • Build forms to collect information from a user and record it or send it to your email.
  • Monitor and report any kind of auto-ftp’d or regular posted data coming from any sensors including chat messengers, web cams, pipelines, weather stations, transportation systems, home health care, interactive kiosks, GPIO pins and inventory systems.
  • Interact with the GPIO pins from your raspberry pi  computer. (currently under development)
  • Create trackable pages and links using JsAdserver(tm) Functions.
  • Interact with any General Purposes Nodes Data Structures, TerraDctl API server and file system using the easy shortcode functions.
  • Deliver your programming code as a web service with the optional TerraDctl API Server.
  • Use a tablet or mobile device to manage your website’s nodes and edit your code.
  • Create RSS feeds as well as import content from remote feeds.
  • Create, manage and export your own CSV and tab delimited text datafeeds.
  • Display CSV (Excel/Access/OpenOffice/Lotus123/GoogleDocs/Quattro and many more…) spreadsheet data on a web page.
  • Compute and display simple pivot tables from CSV spreadsheets.
  • Create and manage multiple websites by pointing your add-on domain names and subdomains to any node you create.
  • Sell your goods using Paypal and TerraDctlCart(tm).
  • Fun for all ages 12 to 102.


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