Binds the node landing page to admin_security for login and permissions.

If using the wordpress integration plugin then the node will have the wordpress objects and variables included it’s scope. This shortcode has the effect of making your node an extension of wordpress or any other program that GP Nodes is integrated to.

Similar integrations with another PHP CMS such as joomla or drupal are also possible using the same methods and the plugins are currently under development.

Most php programs also have a manual integration method which usually involves including a few of their core modules in your root admin_credentials.php file.  Remember that all permissions need to be mapped to Nodes permission settings variables.

For example, if a user can manage options in wordpress then he should have admin permissions otherwise he should only have subscriber or public permissions.

You may also run verification against  access control lists at each node level and also for each parent all the way back to the log in node to make sure that users stay where they are supposed to be.

By default when clicking MyNodes in their wordpress dashboard, subscribers should only see and interact  with nodes specifically assigned to their personal charge,  ‘for all subscribers’ or ‘public’.

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