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Compiler Directives are specialized php function calls located in body.tpl in
comment block which act on the index template for purposes of importing from remote sources during the TerraDctlScript trans-compile process.

They must be one per line and end with semicolon.


[Begin TerraDctl Compiler Directives]

[ImportIndexTemplate(‘’,’alt=”Share on Reddit” /></a></div></div><p><strong>’,”</div><!”.”– .entry-content –“.”>”,”%BODY%”);]


[PokeIndexTemplateAfter(‘<meta name=”description” content=”‘,’%METADESCRIPTION%’);]

[PokeIndexTemplateBefore(‘<meta name=”description” content=”‘,”<style type=”text/css”>%STYLES_DEFAULT%</style>”);]

[PokeIndexTemplateBefore(‘<meta name=”description” content=”‘,”<!–%OGMETATAGS%/–>”);]

[End TerraDctl Compiler Directives]


Note that the first and last index directive are required exactly as is

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