How to create landing page node

Cloning a landing page node folder provides a working copy of the original folder and all its contents, sub folders, and files.

To make the copy select the radio button at the end of the row for the node folder being cloned, type in the name of the new node and click the NEW button.



If you do not select an item to be cloned then the current level node’s default blank template will be used.

Before you get to see your node in the directory you will have to go through the menu manager where you hook up the navigation for the node’s landing page.

The left side of the menu manager contains the assigned menu items. You may drag menu items from the unassigned right into the position where you want . Indenting is also allowed but not recommended because the page menu automatically indents by node level. RSS feeds are automatically generated for each node containing details from every assigned subnode.


Dragging the item to its assigned menu position by positioning the mouse over it, click and while holding click button down move the mouse  and menu item to the desired menu position.  A dotted line will appear at the selected position.


Drop the item into position by releasing the mouse click button.


You may also edit the menu directly by toggling the serialized output for the menu manager form.



These menu steps are optional. When finished either click the save icon and/or the x to return to the node manager.

You will now return to the node manager where you will see your newly created landing page node folder..