Lesson 11: Modes and Conditional Flow

With cases where you wish to create a more complex script with multiple modes, The [[IF_EQUAL]], and forms of [[ELSE]] are generally used. Note that you should use the default mode for handling posted data.

Create a node and paste this following code into it’s landing page editor. Goto the node’s address and test with browser. Add /?mode=1 to the end of the node url. Try modes 2,3 and 4.  The script should output “This is Mode1” if you typed /?mode=1 in the node’s url address. Note that if you already added the forward slash at the end of the node url then you dont need a second one before the question mark but you must have one before the question mark when using node addresses.

 This is Mode1
 This is Mode2
 This is Mode3
 This is Mode4

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