[[PIVOT_TABLE: source|destination|who|what|quantity]]

This example of a pivot table shows you who did how much of what in an order items csv export. Note that the csv parser must be loaded before using.

source(string) name of string variable containing the source data comma seperated values(CSV) data.

destination(string) name of string variable where the output will be stored in CSV serialized format.

who(integer) column position of the ‘name’ field in the input data.

what(integer) column position of the item’s  unique identifier field in the input data. (‘ProductID’ , ‘SKU’ , etc.)

quantity(integer) column position of the ‘quantity’ field in the input data.


[[READ_FILE:Order Items Export.csv|csv_data]]
Input data:[[cr]][[cr]][[cr]][[=csv_data]][[cr]][[cr]][[cr]]
Output data:[[cr]][[cr]][[cr]][[=pivot_data]][[cr]][[cr]][[cr]]

See also: PIVOT_TABLECSV_DESERIALIZE, Building a Pivot Table Data View.