Same as VIEW_DISPLAY but with links to the source data view.  If you dont want the links then use VIEW_DISPLAY instead.

Outputs the current view using the view template stored in view.tpl at each node level for formatting the rows.

Each cell displays a link to a data view showing the specific items included in it’s pivot count.  For example, if the pivot table column name is “Buy5” and the row name is “Dean Johnson” and the cell data is 5 then clicking the cell link will go to a data view showing all items from the source csv spread sheet that contain “Buy5” and “Dean Johnson” using a regular expression pattern match (regex). Note that the view’s search bar also uses regex for matching patterns in a search.

url (string) internet address to regex search view of the pivot table’s source data.



See also: PIVOT_TABLECSV_DESERIALIZE, Building a Pivot Table Data View.