[[PRINT:variable]] aka ECHO

not for use inside other shortcodes or html tag attributes.


[[PRINT:"Hello World"]].[[cr]]
Hello, [[PRINT:first_name]] [[PRINT:last_name]].[[cr]]

Will output:

Hello World.
Hello, Joe Lee.


Note: Use [[=variable]] for embedding your dynamic values inside other shortcodes or use as an html attribute value..


<div style="[[=var2]]">
Hello, [[PRINT:var1]]

output :  <div width=”100%”>Hello,  World</div>

 [[INPUT:Last_Name|Enter Your Last Name]]

This form example uses  [[=anything]]

for embedding the  value contained in the variable “anything” as a default value for the first INPUT shortcode..


Use PRINT_R to output the contents of a list,  php variable, array or object in human readable form for quick data analysis.

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