View API


currently under development.

You may use JSADSERVER API for embedding views in web pages using javascript.

{nodepath}/api/view/&?selection={regex}&format={default or javascript}

All General Purposes™ Nodes™ have an internet address.  For example, the address for this sample node is:

Your addresses should be different. It does not matter.  All node urls have the view api feature available but disabled to public by default. API is activated in the TerraDctl_Cablebox.php front controller script by setting $view_mode to either “public” or  “private”.  Deactivate by setting to “off”.

If you wanted a list of all the individual subnodes which matched a search criteria for both “mushrooms” and “fish” then you might use “(mushroom)(fish)” for the regular expression pattern to match those recipes.

Your data view would be available from this url:

To embed this data view onto a web page use the html script tag:

<script src=""></script>

or in a node.



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