What is a node?

A node is a container for your web application that has its own unique internet address. Nodes may potentially be simply any folder on any web server that had been converted by installing a General Purposes Nodes front controller into the folder. Folders contain files, data, images, programs and other folders. The same is true for nodes because they are exactly the same thing except they all contain a standard set of extended and API features streamed through it’s front controller script  or cablebox which is installed inside every node. Many of these features are unique to the General Purposes(tm) Nodes platform.

One node may potentially contain an entire website with all its pages, sub nodes, applications, local data and external database connections. You may purchase domain .com names from a registrar like godaddy and then ask your host to add them to your hosting account or you may do this yourself. Most hosts allow unlimited add on domains to a single shared hosting account. Just go into your cpanel and create what is called an “add on domain”. When adding the domain you then tell it which folder(node) to point it to. That is all there is to it. Now the the node is a website itself.

Features include a web accessible full featured file and node manager as well as file, code and node page editors which allow you to rapidly create custom and original functionality into your web sites and blogs. Securely integrated into your WordPress dashboard, GP Nodes(tm) with the Nodes Integration plugin for wordpress allows anyone with their own wordpress website running on any industry standard hosting platform to add their own simple routines to their site.

Use this also to access content management for your hundreds of piggy-backed static websites, landing pages and scripts by logging into your wordpress dashboad. Perfect for the affiliate marketer or any rapid deployment scenario.

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