Without the aid of a qualified programmer, we do not recommend your using this program with any website running an https secured eCommerce system which is required to securely collect and store credit card information of any kind on YOUR server. In such cases you should be employing a qualified PHP programmmer to oversee your efforts in order to ensure that your system is PCIDSS compliant as required by federal laws.

Using standard PayPal or Authorize.net SIM(only) is OK as long all the credit card processing and information handling is done on PayPal’s or Authorize.net’s servers.

Since this kind of system is strictly intended for educational and personal use, it is easily possible that poor coding may lead to security issues if combined with a business enterprise system. For this reason We wont recommend using this with any mission critical system which requires any level of security unless we write all the custom code ourselves and expressly guarantee that code.

It is up to the user to assume all risks and responsibilities arising from the use, misuse, or inability to use the General Purposes Nodes System.

Unless agreed to in writing, under no circumstances shall Phillip S. Smith nor any of his holdings or companies be held liable for any losses or damages related in any way to the use of any program regardless of who created it. By installing and using the program(s) you must agree that you have read and understand these terms and others.

Trademark Notice

“General Purposes™”, “GeneralPurposes.com™”, “General Purposes™ Nodes™”, “TerraDctl™”, “TerraDctlScript™” and “JsAdServer™” are a trademark or a registered trademark of Phillip S. Smith who also is the same icann registered owner of the generalpurposes.com and phillsmith.com domains under U.S. and International laws.

Copyright Notice.

General Purposes Nodes Platform and TerraDctlScript landing page generator source codes are Copyright(c)2006-2017 By Phillip S. Smith. All rights are reserved with respect to all copyrights, patents and trademarks whether registered or pending. Under no circumstances are these works to be copied and distributed without the full and written permission of Phillip S. Smith or an authorized representative.

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