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Displaying CSV spread sheet data on a landing page.

A fires list data view working example is running at the following address: http://www.generalpurposes.com/nodes/MorelFireLists2016/ Open or create a new node and paste the code below into the landing page editor by clicking the pencils where you want the view to display. Paste and save. [[QUERY_STRING:search]]     [[LOAD_DATAFEED:FireList.csv|,]] [[COLUMN_DMS2GPS:Latitude]] [[COLUMN_DMS2GPS:Longitude]] [[COLUMN_DATE2UNIX:Date]] [[VIEW_DATAFEED]] [[INITIALIZE:perpage|100]] [[INITIALIZE:sort_order|”{DESCENDING}”]] [[QUERY_STRING:sort_order]] [[INITIALIZE:sort_column|Total]]… Read More »

Use an existing website theme

Compiler Directives are specialized php function calls located in body.tpl in comment block which act on the index template for purposes of importing from remote sources during the TerraDctlScript trans-compile process. They must be one per line and end with semicolon. Examples: <!– [Begin TerraDctl Compiler Directives] [ImportIndexTemplate(‘http://www.radioadvertisingworld.com’,’alt=”Share on Reddit” /></a></div></div><p><strong>’,”</div><!”.”– .entry-content –“.”>”,”%BODY%”);] [PokeIndexTemplateAfter(‘<title>’,’%TITLETAG%’,$index_template);] [PokeIndexTemplateAfter(‘<meta… Read More »